Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 Zoot

2014 is another Kona year. The race is already on my mind despite snow in my driveway. I hope to start formal training in March and have a great finish there. Kona is a hard race.  I watched a number of great guys this year stumble to a decent finish on Alli' drive.  However, not one of them smoked it.  If that doesn't scare you, you're a fool because it scares the sh#t of out me. Guys like:  Rick Lapinski, Matt Ancona, Joe Kurian, Mark Harms, Steve Johnson, Adam Zucco, Luke Lengfeld, and Mike Lavery. The one guy I was particularly excited about watching was Harms.  That guy is professional material and his race at Kona was spectacular! He came off the bike in the top 10 amateur and quickly worked his way up near the front before melting in the lava fields. He gets my vote for best performance (among my friends). (Thomas Brunold gets second because he rode his bike like a Mad Man at IM Wisconsin.)

Sponsorship has changed for 2014.  Zoot is going to be providing me with equipment to stay comfortable.  I look forward to representing the brand.  Last year, I got their tri and bike kits and it was by far the best fabric I've worn.

See you at the races.


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