Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013: Kona Spectator

Adrienne was in Kona racing this year. I got to sit back and enjoy the view. Here were my many observations for when I race there next year.

Temperature Management:
-  Splush drinks in the new FLOE water bottles (insulated).  Freeze them the night before; have second in an insulated envelope in bike special needs
-  Spend the first 15 minutes on the bike cooling the body by cold water on head/body
-  Chemical Instant Ice Pack in run bag; run out of T2 with it on head covered by hat

Pacing & Strategy:
-  Start way left
-  First 200 yards continues to determines the swim group; swim hard and fast to get with the right group
-  Under bike the first 30 minutes to get body cooled off
- Ave/NP watts of 220-230 is plenty to ride and be near the 5:00 mark
- Run up Palani very, very slowly.  The pros did it at snail pace; the ag'ers tried to go faster up it than all the pro's.
- The out and back on Alli totals 10 miles; the out and back on Queen K is 16 miles including the Energy Lab; the out and back for the Energy lab is about 4 miles

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