Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013: Ironman Wisconsin

19th OA
3rd AG
2013 Ironman Wisconsin 

It was a great outcome this year. The biggest factor for the improvement was getting a coach, Mike Pierson. I'll give credit where credit is due. 

I'll tell you I felt fine the whole race until the second loop of the run. As I turned around, I said to myself " you don't want to do this but you have too." At mile 23 the pace fell way off (9:03 pace versus 7:00). At mile 22 a guy in my age group caught me but I saw him coming miles ago. He was running faster and ended with a 2:58 marathon. Also, I knew that the next guy was two miles back having ran past him and two or three guys in my age group in the first mile. 

A few other notables for my sake to remember:

- day before meals: breakfast (muffin, banana) lunch (IHOP 2 eggs and potatoes) dinner (2 cans of Campbell's Chicken and Rice soup) 12 salt stick tablets during the day, sports drink, no water
- race morning meals: breakfast (3 powerbars), MuscleMilk bottle, 2 salt stick, 8 oz sports drink, done by 5:15 AM
-EMST150 - 5 breathe strengther exercises about 20 seconds apart around 5:00 AM
- tire pressure at 105 psi
- 2000 calories of carbopro on the bike
- gum on the second loop of bike
- 8-9 Salt stick on bike (caffeine type)
- Had some water from each aid station on bike portion
- Red Bull in special needs bag
- Scicon 430 CC bike bag:  Tufo S3 lite spare, 2 CO2 with tire adapter, razor blade, zipp valve extensor
- 5:12 bike split 229NP 219AV 89 cad
- Sports drink only first loop of run; Coke only second loop; took in 8-9 Salt stick
- Red Bull in special needs
- Breath Right Nasal Strip until it fell off late in bike portion
- I had to hang on to the Joule computer for the entire bike section because the cradle was too loose. At the first two bumps on John Nolen Dr it went flying forcing me to stop and go back and get it. 
- Thinking a yellow jacket hit me in the bike shorts, I had my head down and not looking up which caused me to swing over the yellow line. A Marshall soon arrived and gave me a stop and go penalty. 

Important thank you's:

- Scott Bowe
- Thomas Brunold
- Lane Brostrom ( I rode his bike because mine broke the week before the race )
- Family
- Work