Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Bayside 5K
September 2016


Out of shape, but that's okay.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 2015

I ran yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks. It was the best I felt in years. Between the easy 8:30 pace and my left ankle feeling normal for the first time in years it was a similar sensation to a taper run but much, much slower. 

My fitness is at a ten year low and I'm the heaviest I've ever been at 175. And truthfully, it's a comfortable place and I don't mind being here. I thought I might miss the daily workout ritual but with a lot going on in my career and family life, fitness isn't a priority. 

I put my Trek Speed Concept up for sale and look forward to building up the Felt FC road bike this summer. 

Adrienne is doing Door County HIM next month. Hope to see some familiar faces there. 

Until then, Matt

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


This is my year to focus on family. Elliot Grace is growing fast and I want to see every minute of it. 

Adrienne is signed up for IM Wisconsin so I'll be there cheering. 


Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014: Ironman Hawaii

Ironman Hawaii October 2014

No matter the time or distance, I enjoyed every moment. While clearly it wasn't a PR, I consider the race a great success. 

Our first baby Elliot Grace was born five weeks prior to me reaching the starting line. The joys of being a new dad outweighed the time commitments of training. While I did do some great rides with Thomas Brunold, I cut short the few 4+ hr rides. Swimming was twice a week for 4-5K total -- not much but enough to finish. Running was good; I got the mandatory 2+ hr runs in but completely faultered when doing the last 2 hr run three weeks prior - my body was too tired from lack of sleep. 

With Elliot still a few weeks old, Adrienne had to stay home. I made the trip alone arriving Wednesday afternoon. Race was Saturday. 

Swim 1:01
I started in the middle, three rows back. I swam with feet the whole time and chanted "swim daddy swim" which was the slogan on Elliot's race day cheering outfit.  

The changing tent was packed. I got my stuff and ran with shoes and put them on at my bike. 

Bike 5:20
I had a lot of traffic all the way to Hawi. The first penalty tent had 20+ guys in it that I rode with. My power was erratic. It wasn't much over 200 watts (ave) all the way to Hawi. After the turn around I saw the next penalty tent filled with another 20-30 guys - many of whom rode around me. 

I did well with getting down from Hawi but shortly after waikeloa I entered a gray spot where I didn't hold much power. A lot of bike traffic passed me those last 30 miles. I really didn't care; instead, I focused on hydrating, food, and salt tablets. 

I got off my bike and my legs felt good running to the gear bag. Inside the tent I put on my shoes and got sunblock. 

Run 3:52

Okay, I'll admit that I knew that I was going to walk some aids stations when I ran out. The weeks leading up to the race gave me the perspective that I needed to be conservative and just finish.  Adrienne and I did the race together in 2011 and I recalled a few of those memories during the run. 

I never stopped running until mile 9 when we turned right off of Alii drive back toward Kualani hwy. Then I ran to Palani and walked up the hill to the Queen K. From there I ran the whole time but walked every single aid station. At Kona, the aid stations are nice and long and I enjoyed walking slowly through them. 

Near the end of the Queen K I felt good enough to pick it up and roar down Palani like Adienne and I did in 2011. It was fun. The finish line came up quick and I soaked up the moment crossing in 10:23. 

Post Race
Immediately after and subsequent days later, I felt good. 

Next year I'll be doing short course racing and being a dad while Adrienne gets back into training. She's doing Ironman WI. 

See you at the races!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014: Ironman 70.3 Racine

It just wasn't my day.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

2014: Ironman 70.3 Kansas

6 AG

A "C" race yielded a "C" like time. With Kona way out there in October I got a later start to formal training. Going into the race I did only did one or two bike workouts above zone 1. This put me way behind the others - Zucco, Girard, Iott, Bishop, and Bowe - coming off the bike.  

Swim went good. I had tried the brand new Kayenne goggles that got redesigned (small fit version) and had the left lens fill up with water. Still I did just fine with a low 28 swim. 

Bike was comfortable. I rode around 245 watts and ended the day with 241 NP and 233 ave. When I saw that it was the same as last year but I was 3 minutes slower, I took a close look at my race photos for my bike positioning. I didn't like what I saw: aerobars titled too high, seat too low. Once I got home I reviewed my fit coordinates and found my seat was 3 cm too low and aerobar tilt off. I wasn't surprised because I didn't use my bike last year for IM WI and I hadn't taken a look at it since it was shipped back to me from Specialized for repair in Oct 2013.  Oh well. 2:28

Run felt great. Last year I felt horrible. I didn't focus on anything other than my breathing - no stitch this time. Ran most of the miles at 6:2X-6:3X with the hills at 6:40s. Came in at 1:27:00 flat for a 6:3X ave. 

Overall, I came in 6th in the AG. The others in front had clearly circled this race as an "A" race ready for war. Initially I felt embarrassed about how I did but after talking it over with Pierson I got some perspective. Next race is Racine and that one is an "A" race. 

Things to remember:
- 900 CarboPro calories on the bike with Nuun tablet = great
- 2 salt tablets on bike (cool day)
- no drink on run until mile 7 (only had coke) 
- no side stitch entire day
- lunch = Jimmy Johns Turkey Tom; dinner = 2 cans of Campbell Chicken and Rice soap, 2 salt tablets 
- breakfast = 2 powerbars, MuscleMilk, 4 salt tablets, bottle of Gatorade with PreRace added; done by 5:15; race start was 7:30
- 5x15 sec breathing exercises with EMST150 device race morning around 4:45AM

Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 Zoot

2014 is another Kona year. The race is already on my mind despite snow in my driveway. I hope to start formal training in March and have a great finish there. Kona is a hard race.  I watched a number of great guys this year stumble to a decent finish on Alli' drive.  However, not one of them smoked it.  If that doesn't scare you, you're a fool because it scares the sh#t of out me. Guys like:  Rick Lapinski, Matt Ancona, Joe Kurian, Mark Harms, Steve Johnson, Adam Zucco, Luke Lengfeld, and Mike Lavery. The one guy I was particularly excited about watching was Harms.  That guy is professional material and his race at Kona was spectacular! He came off the bike in the top 10 amateur and quickly worked his way up near the front before melting in the lava fields. He gets my vote for best performance (among my friends). (Thomas Brunold gets second because he rode his bike like a Mad Man at IM Wisconsin.)

Sponsorship has changed for 2014.  Zoot is going to be providing me with equipment to stay comfortable.  I look forward to representing the brand.  Last year, I got their tri and bike kits and it was by far the best fabric I've worn.

See you at the races.