Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 Waupaca Triathlon

This was a great race and reminded me of Camp Whitcomb Mason, which no longer exist. They even had a lane line to swim next to. 

I took the swim out easy to see what the others around me would do. One guy took off so I followed him. He held up good for 200 meters before slowing down. I waited until 500 meters before attempting a pass but he wouldn't have it. So I just swam on his hip until the exit. 

At T2 the lead swimmer took off like a bolt; And to me looked like he was burning some matches to do so. 

About 7-8 minutes in the bike I passed him and enjoyed a good solid bike and the lead the rest of the way. 

The run was a nice stiff jog and I was happy to avoid any sort of side stitch. I think I need to work on my finishing speed next year. 6:20 pace for the end of a sprint triathlon is lousy. 

Next is IMWI. Hope to see everybody there. 

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