Thursday, September 20, 2012

IM Wisconsin 2013

I signed up for Ironman Wisconsin 2013. 2012 was a fun year without a single triathlon. Without the burden of a weekly training regiment, I had a lot of free time. It allowed me to have a life as well as participate in a few non-athletic hobbies as well. Last year in the midst of traveling to Kona, we bought a mid century modern house in Fox Point. It has permitted me to grow my MCM furniture collection and abstract-modern art collection. At this point, I'm nearly at the end given the space requirements of the house so another endeavor needs to fill the time hence the return to Ironman.

Since I've had a number of good races under my belt and done Kona, I don't really care about how it turns out and remain focused on being the rabbit and Thomas Brunold being the tortoise, ie keeping Thomas Brunold staying behind me for as long as possible (or any others for that matter.) My guess is that it'll take:

Swim - 55
Bike - 5:10
Run - 3:02-05

Training Benchmarks become:
10x200 on 2:30 with 10 seconds rest
230 watts for 4 hrs
7:05 pace for most runs

Race Day
Swim - hard the first 100 yards, settle in
Bike - 220 watts; 260 hill cap
Run - 7:00 for first three miles then a bit faster

The funny thing for me is that my wife Adrienne is the biggest pusher of this. She is tried of me goofing off and thinks I need to do this race to achieve my "nearly perfect race" as most of the ones in the past were be marred by inexperience, flat tires, a penalty, and a busy work schedule. I can live with those hiccups, but she cannot. Secretly, I think she just wants me to be her training partner and do every workout with her rather than just a few like I did this year. See you out there training! Best Regards, Matt


sentania said...

Welcome back.

Your post does leave me feeling a bit left out though - what am I, chopped liver?

Ironbruni said...

Hey Matt,

How about you, Joe Kurian, and I will ride together this summer and you'll ride sub 5 hours at IM Wisconsin? I will still try to run you down on race day, but it's time for a young rabbit to beat the old tortoise...

Best wishes,

Thomas (Brunold)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Great to see you up in DC this summer...I was suffering a bit, eh? HA! So, thanks for the cheers and congrats to your wife on a great race. Hope you guys are doing well!!!