Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grumblings from the Readership

I've received a fair amount of email traffic regarding my last post. Interestingly, none of the traffic comes in the "comment section", just via personal email. In the future, feel free to comment there.

Like all addictions, fellow addicts never want to see a buddy quit. Leaving this so called sport has been hard. I initially felt compelled to sell everything and take up painting, but I stopped short at the bike. I had a few nibbles, but push come to shove, I couldn't do it. That must mean something. Training the last few days has been unstructured and I figure I'll stick to that until whenever. "Fun" is slowly creeping back in.


sentania said...

Alright then. You asked for it! I had this big dramatic email written up last week to send, then decided it was best to give you some thinking time.

I'll share the highlights in a friendly fashion.
It took Mark Allen six attempts to win Kona, something similar for Macca - Chris Lieto is *still* trying.

Your work situation isn't conducive to training, but the fact that you are doing no worse then past years - and bordering on huge improvement (if you took in some more nutrition) - should be a huge positive sign to you.

/blends back into the background to let you think.

Did I mention, my work has Mark Allen as a speaker at their annual meeting this year? I'm totally stoked!

Eric's Information said...

So now that you've had time to process everything and are feeling about you and me partnering up for TTT next year?

Mike said...

I raced motocross for a little more than 10 years growing up, and I traveled the midwest chasing points and regional championships (which I lost twice in the final weeks of the season). Eventually, I began thinking more about how much work it was than how much fun it was. So I can relate if you're feeling a little burned out. It's tough to put in the type of effort long-course triathlon requires if the fun isn't there.

I hope you find the fun again. It really is a fun sport.