Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010: Swimming Update

It's three weeks before Ironman Wisconsin and now is when I do some cramming for the swim. All that hard biking that occured over the last couple of weeks makes it hard to add in some quality swim sessions.

Today was my first of the bunch: 30x100s. My goal was to hit sub 1:15 with an interval time of 1:25. It wasn't a problem. I average 1:12.7 for all thirty without any drop in pace or increase in effort.

The goal for the next two weeks is to swim 5x/week with the three weekly key sets each week. They are: 30x100 on 1:12/1:25 ; 15x200 on 2:30/2:45 ; 7x400 on 5:00/5:20. The inbetween swims are easy filler ones.


Eric's Information said...

Good lord!
30x100 sounds like hell on earth.

How did you stay awake?


sentania said...

That is a pretty good set of swims and will get you out of the water in a nice respectable time.

logan said...

Hey Matt,
loving the training updates, it's great insight for us middle-of-the-packers into what you top guys do. Thank you sir.