Monday, July 19, 2010

2010: Adrienne Hit by Car!

(Picture from Pleasant Prairie Triathlon a few weeks before the accident)

On Sunday July 11th, 2010, Adrienne was involved in a hit and run accident while training on the Ironman Wisconsin bike course. A car struck her from behind launching her from her bike. A few hours later they captured the suspect.

The biggest thing is that Adrienne is alive!

The exact details are being sorted out by the Dane County Sheriff department.

Adrienne will likely post something on her blog about it in the future. Currently, she is trying to regrow skin as fast as she can.

Thanks to all of our friends, family, and fellow triathletes who have helped us through this trying event.


logan said...

Oh no! Best of luck to her. On Thursday one of my friends was hit on her bike in a hit-and-run up here in Oshkosh. It seems like these incidents are more prevalent this year for whatever reason.

It's unfortunate that we do our best to see, avoid and move over for cars (to be safe ourselves!) and these accidents still happen because of inattentive drivers. The hit-and-runs are the most frustrating: they won't even stop to acknowledge their mistake, take responsibility for their actions and acknowledge that they hit another human being. I'm getting angry just thinking about it, I can imagine that the two of you are experiencing a lot of shock, frustration and anger as well.

Take care, heal fast.

Evan said...

Hope she is alright! What a terrible thing to have happen.

Mike said...

Wow. That's horrible. I hope she's okay and heals quickly.