Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 Base 2

Base 2 Training

The physical struggles I experienced when I resumed bike training with intervals in the Prep phase are reappearing. I'm not surprised. Introducing long periods of zone 2 efforts for the first time in eight months (IMLOu Aug 2009) shocked my system. The message was really hit home after I did a 4hr ride on the computrainer with 2:30 at zn2. After I finished, I puked. Subsequently, the 1 hr run at IM pace afterwards was cancelled. The next day I did another 4hr ride at zn1 then made up the 1 hr run, but since I felt better than expected I pushed it managing 6:35 for 9 miles on the track (HR ave 157).

Overall, my swim has progressed to my goal level of 40x100 1:15/1:30. I have not yet applied any metrics to my bike fitness. Subjectively, it feels good. I'm not dreading the 4 hour weekend rides (Sat and Sun). My run fitness is at a career-level high (see metrics post). I've managed to have all my runs, short and long, stay faster than 7:50. Running at 7:15-7:45 pace is really comfortable for the first time in my career. In years past, this was a big struggle of mine. During IM training, most of the time I could not muster up the energy to run at speeds ranging from IM pace to 5K speed, I was too tired.

Training-wise I've targeted the following for Base 2:

  • increase swimming base by keeping intervals aerobic with 10-15 seconds rest.

  • bike in zn 2 range for one long ride and my interval ride.

  • run at a lot of different speeds (De Castella idea) by throwing in a tempo run, a run at IM pace, a run at LT (1-2 miles), etc.

Base 2 time-frame: 8 weeks

Periodization style:

The big jump in volume week three coincides with American Triple T this year. I look forward to seeing the Wisconsin and Slowtwitch crowds in Ohio.

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Eric's Information said...

4 hours on the computrainer? I'd throw up too!!

Do you normally have gastro trouble after longer rides?